Core Garden Volunteer Orientation

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Come one come all, if you wish to be involved as one of GreenTOWN Waukegan’s honored Core Garden Volunteers you should attend any one of these two days.

These orientations are specifically for anyone wishing to become a Core Garden Volunteer, which is like a Level 2 Volunteer. Core Garden Volunteers will receive valuable information on how to maneuver the garden, specifics regarding watering, and general maintenance. It is highly recommended that anyone wishing to become a CORE GARDEN VOLUNTEER attends at least one of these orientations; Core Garden Volunteers will have the freedom of coming to the garden on their own time to help with tasks that require careful attention. These training will provide you with the knowledge necessary for you to more independently maneuver GreenTOWN’s Madeleine Fuqua Garden.

For all our other volunteers, there will be many volunteer opportunities for anyone that wishes to help with maintenance and harvest this season, dates will be regularly posted to GreenTOWN’s page, website, and newsletter!

Have a beautiful spring and happy growing!