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Are you interested in buying a raised bed for you and your family?   We will bring you a raised bed and set it up for you! No running to the store, hauling timber, just buy it from us, and then come home to a beautiful bed, ready to be planted.


It is the responsibility of the purchaser to:

  • Identify the location for the raised bed.
  • Check with JULIE to ensure that wires will not be compromised.
  • Ensure that the location for the bed is clear and free of any debris (an additional $15.00 will be charged to clear the bed area).

A 48 hour lead time is required to schedule the delivery and setup of a raised bed. Delivery and setup will not occur on Sundays or holidays. Delivery is FREE within the City of Waukegan, or a 10 mile radius from the City limits thereof. An additional Delivery Charge of $30 will be assessed for deliveries outside of this zone. There is an additional charge of $60 for soil to be delivered and installed in conjunction with the bed.