Newton & Nada Finn

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Newton, a recently retired attorney and ordained minister, built the large and dynamic TOWN citizens group (Taskforce On Waukegan Neighborhoods) in the mid-1990s to protect Waukegan’s deteriorating neighborhoods from blight and decay. When the city’s neighborhoods stabilized in the mid-2000s, Newton’s wife Nada, a retired pharmaceutical research coordinator, took the lead in transitioning TOWN into GreenTOWN, with a new focus on improving the Waukegan community through community gardening and urban agriculture. These days, the retired couple continues to pour the energy into fulfilling the mission of the Greentown Waukegan: growing healthy food for hungry families. You can find them planting, weeding, watering, or harvesting at the Madeleine Fuqua Community Garden, where they commune with nature while helping to bring forth the variety of fresh vegetables that stock the refrigerators, shelves, and tables of the nearby Community Christian Church Food Bank. Both Newton and Nada share the spiritual connection with animals, and plants that Albert Schweitzer called reverence for life. They serve as members of the Greentown Board of Directors, and Nada provides further leadership as a Greentown Co-Director. The infectious enthusiasm of this couple for greening our community and our world is an inspiration for all involved in Greentown’s work.